Launch of the Twii android app and site version 2.5

, Posted By Anthony Rossbach

Today is an amazing day for Twii and all our users. Today is the official launch of the Twii Android app built by Nick Jones. This has been a dream since the beginning of Twii and today it's a reality. There is no date set for a iOS App at this time, but we are really wanting to build a iOS version soon.

Click here to download the app. Don't forget to +1 it and give a good rating, it will help others discover it.

We are so thankful to Nick for all his hard work over the last week to allow this app to launch. The app is new and is a work in progress. We built it in a way Facebook and Twitter said was NOT possible. It's built using web standards inside of java and soon will have features unique to the app. But what about the site? Well say hello to version 2.5, It's been almost 5 months since version 2 came out and we are happy with this update. We have not rebuilt the design from the start, but we have rebuilt the background code, and updated the look to be more polished.

"What's so big, it looks like it did before on my computer" you might say. Yes and no, this update was built for mobile first. Here is a list of just SOME of the updates for desktop and mobile.

Desktop and Mobile

Mobile Only