Old API has been retired

, Posted By Anthony Rossbach

The old API where you would request pages with different urls like get_profile.json has been retired for the query system. The query system adds way more uses, and more features with far less code. It also runs faster with the site cache system the site uses. The old API has not been updated in years and contained a lot of broken data that returned as empty JSON values and was making the API slow for large data as it had no cache system for the old get_types. It was time to retire it.

What did we build with the query api? Unlimited access, with unlimited configs to request the data you want, you can do sorting, limits, select by, and even query like questions like IF a user is this then give me this. All in only 720 lines (yes exact number) of un compressed code.

We also launched a updates for the query API, no values have changed, but it does fix problems with status posts and photos not returning the correct data in the query_key list.