This is so amazing, I will not be sleeping for a week!

, Posted By Anthony Rossbach

So today is the best day for Twii so far, we have passed 1,000,000 status posts thanks to all our amazing users. I started Twii just over 4 years ago, but it only launched under the Twii name a few years ago, and only public for around 2. So for me this is amazing! I would like to thank all the users who continue to use and LOVE Twii. I would not have enjoyed making the site if it was not for you.

So now what from here? We are on the road for 2M, 1M comments, and even 500K photos. So there is a long way to go before the site is huge, but it is still huge to me.

So 4 years ago when I had the idea for Twii (under at the time) I said to someone I knew that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the site to ever hit 1 Million of anything, then a few months after public launch we had 4-5 million live updates per day. So at this time I said we will never get 1 Million posts, it will fade by then. I feel amazing and I hope you do also. The users who posted status 1,000,000 (because a share was post 1M the original also counts) have a nice 1M badge on there profile. But also all users who helped get to this point have a RT1M badge "Road To 1 Million".

I thank you, and I love you all!
~ Anthony Rossbach