What happened with Twii?

, Posted By Anthony Rossbach

Long story short, lack of time, lack of passion, lack of ideas. Twii has seen only one update this year, until now, that's 7 months of no updates. I have been playing Pokémon Go and lots of other social games, so I want to transition over to a social gaming network, but not for gamers.

What I am thinking of is making the act of using Twii a massive game. With top charts, experience, and progressively harder levels. The idea is actions on the site and app will gain you exp. the exp will show as an alert on the bottom right corner as you use the site and app.

How integrated will this be, well it will be baked into almost every part of Twii, but in a way that will not interfere with using Twii. I will post more about this when each part is built in. But for now, enjoy the updates that went live 2 days ago, and the updates that will continue.